Claustro Docente - Ing. en Computación

Dr. Asdrubal López Chau

Dr. Asdrúbal López Chau is a Communications and Electronics Engineer (1997) from the Higher School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico (ESIME-IPN); Master of Science in Computer Engineering (2000) from the Computer Research Center of the IPN (CIC-IPN) in Mexico; and Doctor in Computer Science (2013) from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the IPN (CINVESTAV-IPN) in Mexico.

His current research lines are applied computing, sentiment analysis, machine learning, and image processing. Dr. Asdrúbal is the author of 1 book about microcontrollers, He has participated in 17 articles in journals indexed in the Journal Citation Report (JCR); also, he has published more than 18 book chapters of the Springer Verlag publishing house in Germany, and has participated as author of articles in more than a dozen international conferences. He has directed more than 30 undergraduate and postgraduate degree projects. He is currently a reviewer of articles for magazines indexed in JCR. He is an organizer and collaborator of national and international conferences.

Since 2011, Dr. Asdrúbal has been a full-time research professor at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) in Zumpango, where he has led six basic science research projects. He currently collaborates in the basic core of the Master's Degree in Computer Science at the CU UAEM Valle de México.

In 2013, he was distinguished with the first place for the best doctoral thesis in the area of Artificial Intelligence by the Mexican Society of Artificial Intelligence; in 2014, he was awarded the prize for carrying out exceptional basic research work, granted by the UAEM through Clause 89. In October 2014, he won first place in the XXVII national doctoral thesis competition on computing and informatics organized by the National Association of Informatics Education Institutions. Since January 2014, He has been an uninterrupted member of the Member of the Mexican National Council of Social Sciences CONACYT, Level 1.

Dr. Asdrúbal López Chau is part of the Laboratory of Applied Computing Technologies at CU UAEM Zumpango. More information on his web page: